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When we think of Buddy Systems, we usually associate them as a way of supporting new starters in our organisation. But, there are good reasons to implement them now, for all members of your team.

In many respects, many of us are now ‘new starters’ because our working world has completely changed, and is likely to keep adapting for the foreseeable future. Business models, ways of operating, even our ‘day in the office’ have all changed, and any additional support that we can bring to our people whilst they become accustomed to their ‘new normal’ will be valuable, especially if it promotes positive wellbeing.

 A peer to peer support programme pairs up team-members at similar levels in the organisation with a buddy. Crucially it is meant as a reciprocal companionship with both employees providing support to each other at an emotional, practical and advisory level.

 A well-implemented peer to peer support programme brings two main benefits that impact both the organisation and the individuals involved:

  • A positive relationships helps us adjust to new environments, and supports us in our ability to buffer against stressors.
  • As well as the benefits we get from being supported ourselves, being there for someone else also lends significant psychological rewards. Our sense of personal competence and achievement from helping others gives us a sense of positive wellbeing.

 At Elemental Wellbeing we provide the necessary training to get your peer to peer support programme up and running. We believe it’s essential that buddies feel properly equipped to take on this role with a communication skills refresher session, as well as a confidence building workshop addressing maintaining professional boundaries and how to signpost colleagues to more support if needed.

 To find out more, and to learn how Elemental Wellbeing can tailor a Peer to Peer Support Programme for your organisation, please do get in touch.