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We are delighted to be working with two award-winning UK companies, both leaders in their respective fields.

Cellular Solutions and Frog Bikes share examples of things they have done differently since they started with working Elemental Wellbeing.

Cellular Solutions is a leading provider of communication services, supporting businesses with services in mobile and fixed line. As an award-winning partner for both Vodafone and O2, they operate in a demanding, ever-changing, market. Cellular Solutions engaged Elemental Wellbeing to deliver virtual workshops on ‘Burnout’ to support their team.

As a result of the sessions, Cellular decided to focus on the way their teams support each other. Interestingly, this was already perceived by the teams to be a strength within the business, but by focusing on it, they have taken their performance to a new level. One new concept they have chosen to implement is ‘Eat the Frog’. Customer Services Manager, Kelly Ogle explains:

  • As a result of the Elemental Wellbeing sessions, we now have a mid-week check in with the team to go through any difficult cases that anyone might have on. We start off our Wednesday with a call on Teams and each person brings one ‘frog’ to the table that they are wanting to ‘eat’ that day. As a team, we then provide any help or suggestions to enable them to ‘eat’ it and then we all check back in at the end of the day to see how everyone got on.
  • We are doing this to encourage everyone to support each other, to gain awareness of each other’s workloads, to knowledge share and also for accountability reasons. If you say you are going to get this done, out loud in a meeting to your peers then you are more likely to do it and follow through. Just to point out though there aren’t any negative consequences if something doesn’t get done- we’d just offer further support where needed, however we’ve found most frogs do get eaten!
  • It’s a really simple way of increasing productivity in that mid-week slump and also offering opportunity for us to praise things that might usually go unnoticed. The ‘frogs’ aren’t necessarily big tasks but it gives a sense of achievement and motivates the team into the second half of the week

Members of their team were equally supportive.

‘Eat the frog helps you to complete the thing that’s making you anxious in the back of your mind, so that you feel much better and ready to move on with your day’ Joe.

‘It’s always tempting to put off a difficult task until later, but it always comes back to bite you eventually! Acknowledging your ‘frog’ and sharing it with the team encourages you to face those tricky jobs head on, and sets you up nicely for the day’  Libby.

Speaking of Frogs…

…. Another client of Elemental Wellbeing is Frog Bikes, award winning manufacturer of children’s bicycles. Founding Director Shelley Lawson takes up the story.

‘The coaching we received from Elemental Wellbeing on mental wellbeing opened our eyes to how much we could each individually support each other, given the right tools and confidence.’

As a result of the coaching, Frog Bikes is starting their Mental Health First Aid training course this week for 12 of the team (across two sites).

‘Your sessions highlighted how frequently mental health issues arise, and as a team we felt the need for more confidence and skills in responding to the issues.’

Frog Bikes expect the impact will be that the team will have a number of approachable people to speak to if they need help, that more of the team will recognise the early signs of mental health issues and have the skills and confidence to respond appropriately to them. This will ultimately lead to better mental wellbeing for all of the staff.

‘We are now embarking on MHFA training which 12 of our team have volunteered for, so that more of us have the ability to support our colleagues.’

We would like to thank Cellular, Frog Bikes and all our clients for the trust they put in us.