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Nurturing an organisational culture that embraces employee wellbeing and mental health awareness, is the essential foundation of any wellbeing programme. So it makes sense that engagement with the importance of wellbeing really needs to be evident at all levels.

The business case is strong. Organisational performance and profitability comprise the return on investment, whilst corporate reputation and employee loyalty example the value of investment from supporting wellbeing. A comprehensive review in 2020 found an average 5:1 ROI for interventions specifically directed at supporting mental health. [Mental health and employers; refreshing the case for investment, Deloitte]. Worth noting is that it was the interventions that sought large-scale culture change, company-wide initiatives and a focus on resilience building, that were associated with the highest returns.

Understanding the true company culture can be achieved by tailored assessments with surveys and focus groups. Integrating these results alongside employee feedback into the subsequent wellbeing programme design, is crucial for developing a sense of shared ownership. Secondly it also brings longer term buy-in to a cultural change that can promote positive wellbeing and openness when it comes to mental health awareness at work.

At Elemental Wellbeing we run short briefings for boards, helping them better get to grips with the true impact poor mental wellbeing can have on business, and what they can do to address things. If you would like to find out more about what your company needs to introduce an effective wellbeing programme, book a discovery call to learn more about our process.