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Why we hold personal data?

We hold data for the following reasons:

We run webinars for which people are required to register. For this we hold their name, their email address and they have the option to give their organisation name.

  • We will run a regular email newsletter, which is an opt in. People give information on registration as above.
  • We have prospects and customers who we sell to. These are either people / businesses known to us from previous engagements. Or people who have come to us. As a supplier, we are required to interact with the main contact and other contacts within the client. And data is held to facilitate this interaction.
  • Data is held in two places:

– For clients and qualified prospects, data is held on password protected Mac ‘Contacts’.

– On a password protected document, for webinar and e-newsletter registration / contact.

Both are quick and easy to update.

What do we do with the data?

  • We use the data solely for the purposes set out above.
  • We do not allow the data to be used outside the business.
  • We keep the data for as long as we run the events and programmes set out above
  • People can request access to the data, correct it or have it deleted by emailing
  • To complain about our use of data, people should contact the ICO
  • We do not make automated decisions or do profiling based on the data we hold
  • We do not publish any of the personal data we hold in any media.